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The wine-making at the Castle:
An ancestral tradition

The average production is about 90 000 bottles. Being the oldest wine growing Castle, we stick to the traditional way, proven by experience. Our mixture of grapes is made right at the time when they are picked. The wine is not made from blended wines made separately like many other places in Jura. Blending and filtration of the wines are limited as far as possible.

Our wines are matured in old casks, always topped up, even the white wines. They stay in their casks for about 3 or 4 years, much more than the majority of Jura winemakers here. This process answers to our desire to seek aromatic complexity and elegance in each wine, where the characteristics of a vintage can fully express themselves.

Château d'Arlay
Château d'Arlay
Château d'Arlay
Château d'Arlay
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Logotype Facebook Château d'Arlay
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