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Château d'Arlay

The good old way

The vineyard comprises nearly 25 hectares (62 acres), planted with three types of red vine (Pinot, Trousseau & Poulsard) and two types of white vine (Chardonnay and the typical local vine Savagnin). All of them are located on hills at a height between 200 to 240 metres (650 to 790 feet). For the most part, our vines are « old vines », planted in 1953 and 1974. Therefore our yields are limited, 30 hectolitres per hectare (316 gallons per acre) and we don’t produce sparkling wines.

We practise a biological cultivation on a part of the vineyard. And on the rest a reasoned growing, close to the biological one. The grapes are of course hand harvested and manually selected.

Château d'Arlay

A Unique Jurassic Terroir

All our vines face south, which is unusual in our region. Moreover, the « terroir » of Arlay is renowned for the specific characteristics of its subsoil, the grey marls of the lower Lias, from the Jurassic period, which has been named because of our region.

From these distinctive natural conditions and the long tradition of wine-making in Arlay, are born, time after time, unique wines typical of Arlay. They stand for the best expression of our land, which is our priority over anything else. We produce first and foremost a “Château d’Arlay” not a simple « Côtes du Jura ».

Château d'Arlay
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